Blessings Program

The Conception Abbey Blessings Program is an opportunity to:

  • honor a friend or family member,
  • memorialize a deceased loved one, or
  • commemorate a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or wedding.

Your gift also furthers the work of the monks of Conception Abbey in their apostolates and ministry.

The person being honored - or, in the case of a memorial the person’s immediate family - will receive a personalized card conveying the donor’s intentions.

For more information, contact the Development Department at (660) 944-2824 or

Please remember these people in prayer:

Blessings received from March 2020 through August 2020

Kraft Tool In memory of Virginia Zumalt
Dawn Warner In memory of Martin Warner
William & Sylvia Stack In memory of Virginia Zumalt
Carl Schimek In memory of Bishop Dorrick Wright-class of '71
Stefanie Harper In honor of Fr. P J McManus- ordination anniv.
Nancy Recchia In memory of daughter-Laura Mather
James E Gladbach All fallen away Catholics
Stephen Speciale In Memory of Mary Pat Abkemeier
Mary R Pizzuti In Honor of Sarah Halter- healing 
Thomas Hederman In Memory of Paul & Penny Hederman, Patrick Hederman, Theresa Sailors
David Wallen In Memory of Mary Lee Glicko
Celie Mayer In Memory of Lynn Lindhorst
Henry Packs In Memory of David Coullard
William H. Vaughan Jr In honor of Paul Vaughan on his birthday
Tin Le In memory of Dung Nguyen
Christopher Banecks In memory of Charles N Banecks
Brittany Harris In memory of Chad Michael Harris
Dawn Warner In memory of Martin Warner
John Preston In memory of Virginia Zumalt
Don McCroden In memory of Charles & Mildred McCroden
Frank Palmer In memory of Rev. Samuel Palmer
Jay Poindexter In memory of Tom & Peggy Poindexter
Michael Grudzinski In memory of Loretta Klimek-Bonczynski
Cecelia Mayer In memory of Sr Cornelia Immegart & Father Placidus Immegart and all family members
Christine Welles In memory of Thelma Derrick
Philip Fiadino In memory of the Fiadino Family of New Jersey
John Carey In memory of William Gerard Carey
Leilani Hernandez In honor of Brother Michael Marcotte
Venetia Talan In honor of Debra Greta
Mary Emanuel In memory of Teresa Canfield
Knights of Columbus-Maryville In memory of Isidore "Diz" Grudzinski
Patricia Roebling In honor of Fr. Tom Hawkins Golden Anniversary
Patricia Roebling In memory of Margaret Rowe
Kathleen Hillyard In honor of Nancy Hillyard
Joan Palambeck In honor of Palambeck Family
Nelson & Verda Kurtz In memory of Beth Leonardo
Howard Frische In honor of Rienzie Wannithantri- 90th birthday
Mary Ann Barmann-Downey In memory of Viola Ginther
Lawrence Ginther In memory of Viola Ginther
Anne & Bud Cox In memory of Virginia Zumalt
Jane Martinez In memory of Gilberto Maximilliano Martinez-alumni
Daniel & Jill Eliason In honor of Fr. Paul Schinstock
Kathleen Witchger In memory of Joseph T Niehaus
Patricia Roebling In memory of Diona Rowe
David Wallen In memory of Kevin Patrick Wallen my brother
John S Heaney In memory of parents, Paul & Mary Heaney