Blessings Program

The Conception Abbey Blessings Program is an opportunity to:

  • honor a friend or family member,
  • memorialize a deceased loved one, or
  • commemorate a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or wedding.

Your gift also furthers the work of the monks of Conception Abbey in their apostolates and ministry.

The person being honored - or, in the case of a memorial the person’s immediate family - will receive a personalized card conveying the donor’s intentions.

For more information, contact the Development Department at (660) 944-2824 or

Please remember these people in prayer:

Blessings received from January 2023 through September 2023

Edward Lambro in Memory of Rev. John J Lojweicz and Rev. Robert J Gordon    
Frank Sumaya in Memory of Josefina Sumaya - in Honor of Karina Vargas & Aubrey Sumaya    
Edward Foley in Honor of Susan Foley Lane    
Justin Graves in Memory of Josefine Feliu Valles    
Edward Lambro in Memory of Aaron Lavin and Charlie Bauer    
Toni Milstead      
Alexandra Dunn in Memory of Esther Eddy     
Edward Lambro in Memory of Aaron Lavin, OSB     
Tin Le in honor of Ana Hien Thi Nguyen     
Patricia Lynch For the soul of Dorothea     
Steven Reddin Norma & Bob Walsh; Ursula Scheffect; Margaret & Ed Harvey     
Edward Donahue in Memory of Thomas Growney    
Alexandra Dunn in Honor of Barbara Dapolito    
Edward Lambro in Honor of Father Donald Grabner    
Barry Magnuson in Memory of Ross Marine    
Dennis Mehegan in Memory of Jean Marie Pomeroy    
Terry Smitka in memory of Ross Marine    
Tate Family in memory of Thomas Growney    
Gerald Whited in memory of Ross Marine    
Anonymous in Memory of All Souls Passed on in April    
John Eller In memory of Betty Eller    
Richard Fisher In honor of Henry and Ann Fisher; in memory of deceased family    
Vincent Keele in Memory of Mary C. Keele - WP    
Gerald Whited in memory of Ross Marine    
Edward Lambro in Memory of Rev. John R. Tulipana    
Evelyn Semik in Memory of the 4 Mench Boys & Rev. Vincent Hogan who went to Conception    
Maureen Wirtz      
Diana Barker In Memory of Erwin Rosemarie Gravelle     
Thomas Brannon      
Nancy Hillyard In memory of John Netherland     
Philip Kelley Check from Vanguard - memory of wife Donna Hogan-Kelley     
Knights Of Columbus #1339 Todd Rickabaugh     
Jeanette Nicholson      
Michelle Obrecht in Honor of Walter Obrecht family     
Leonard Simon in honor of Wife Margaret     
Sharon Fustos in memory of Francis G. Stetz
Richard Raleigh in Memory of Cindy Raleigh
Kevyn Wiskerchen In honor of our small group led by Jonathan and Anna Pund (WP)
Frances Beller in Memory of Alan Beller
Alexandra Dunn in Memory of James David Stone
Nancy Hillyard in Memory of Evelyn McClure
Jeanette Nicholson  
Linda Tevepaugh in Honor of Fr. Jim Vrba
Anonymous in Honor of Judith Schrieber
Raymond Arment in Honor of Linda Arment
Carmen Betzold
Daniel Farnan in Honor of Fr. Reginald Sander
Anna Henggeler in Honor of Fr. Richard and Fr. Reginald Sanders
Edward Herbert in Honor of Judith Schrieber
Edward Lambro in Honor of Robert Finley