About Oblates

Oblates are Christian individuals who associate themselves with a Benedictine community to enrich their Christian way of life. Oblates shape their lives in the wisdom of Christ as interpreted by St. Benedict. They seek God by striving to become holy in their chosen way of life. By integrating their prayer and work, they manifest Christ's presence in society.

Oblates strive to be what they are: people of God and temples of the Holy Spirit. From this awareness flow their prayer life and their willingness to offer themselves in service to God and neighbor. Oblates do not live in a religious community or take vows. They promise to do their best to follow the Rule of St. Benedict in their lives.

Oblates try to spend time daily reflecting on the Sacred Scriptures, cultivating an awareness of God’s presence in silence, and devoting time to the praise of God, especially through the Liturgy of the Hours.

The Oblates of Conception Abbey are a special part of our mission. Their prayers and witness help extend the reach of the Abbey outside of the four walls of the monastery.

Our oblates thrive and are energized not only because of their connection with Conception Abbey but also because of their connection and mutual support with one another. Periodic retreats and special events at the abbey contribute to this.

The Oblates of Conception Abbey are encouraged to:

  • Try to pray the Liturgy of the Hours daily, at least morning and evening prayer.
  • Read the Rule of St. Benedict, perhaps a portion each day.
  • Practice lectio divina, a form of meditative reading, usually but not exclusively from Scripture.
  • Participate frequently in the sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation. Oblates who are not Roman Catholic should be faithful to their denominational beliefs and practices.
  • Try to be attentive to God’s constant presence in their daily lives.
  • Maintain regular contact with Conception Abbey.
  • Renew their oblation each year.

To inquire about becoming an Oblate of Conception Abbey, contact Fr. Daniel Petsche, OSB at or by phone at (262) 396-4311 ext. 122.