Calligraphy Retreats

Lettering the Word Retreats

  • Developing a personal relationship with Christ through His Word
  • Slowing down and spending more time with the Scriptures using the medium of calligraphy
  • Daily Lectio Divina sessions preceded by brief conferences
  • Participation in the Divine Office and Mass with the monastic community
  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Silence throughout the week or weekend
  • A chance to break away from everyday concerns by fasting from technology
  • Instruction in the lettering techniques used in the daily lectio sessions
  • A rural and beautiful environment and the opportunity to walk the grounds


Preparatory Retreat (#3)

Preparatory weekend for the Lettering the Word Advanced Retreat in May (#4).  Continuation of daily Lectio Divina practice and introduction to the Half-Uncial style of lettering developed by Benedictine monks for transcribing the Scriptures in the 8th century.  Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. Prerequisite: Lettering the Word Beginner’s Retreat (#1A or #1B) and the Lettering the Word Follow Up Retreat (#2).


Beginner's Retreats (#1A and #1B)

Introduction to the practice of Lectio Divina as a way of drawing closer to Christ through the Scriptures. The retreatants will learn a simple calligraphic script developed by Benedictine monks in the 10th century to transcribe the Bible.  Felt-tipped calligraphy markers will be used. Friday evening through Monday afternoon. Offered each year on Memorial Day weekend (#1A) and Labor Day weekend (#1B).


Advanced Retreat (#4)

The week will focus on drawing closer to Christ through the Scriptures using the practice of Lectio Divina. The participants will learn the Half-Uncial script and illuminated letters used by Benedictine monks to transcribe the Scriptures in the 8th century. Monday evening through Saturday afternoon. Prerequisite: Lettering the Word Beginner’s Retreat (#1A or #1B) and Lettering the Word Follow Up Retreat (#2).  Offered each year beginning on Memorial Day and explores a different historical script used in Bibles handwritten by monastic scribes.


Follow Up Retreat (#2)

Continuation and deepening of daily Lectio Divina practice. Beginners are introduced to the use of ink pens for transcribing the Word. Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.  Prerequisite: Lettering the Word Beginner’s Retreat (#1A or #1B).

Dates Availability
April 5–7, 2024
Preparatory Retreat (#3)
May 24–27, 2024
Beginner's Retreats (#1A)
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May 27–June 1, 2024
Advanced Retreat (#4)
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August 30–September 2
Beginner's Retreats (#1B)
November 15–17, 2024
Follow Up Retreat (#2)

Pricing: please call for pricing on these retreats 660-944-2809.
Retreat costs includes all the meals, a private room, linen and towels, and retreat director fee.
Arrival is Friday between 3–5 p.m. and departure is Sunday afternoon.

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