Earlier today our spiritual father and abbot of Conception Abbey, Abbot Gregory, was elected as Abbot Primate of the Benedictine Confederation. He was elected by the abbots from around the world to serve as the official liaison of the Benedictine Order to the Holy See. Abbot Gregory will serve as the official head of the Benedictine Order. It is a great honor and privilege to have a monk of our community in Northwest Missouri serve in this capacity.

Abbot Gregory now ceases being abbot of our monastery. In the coming weeks, we will have to elect a new abbot. So, this joyful news also comes with the realization that we lose a great monk, priest, abbot, and spiritual father from our immediate community, though he will serve the needs of the larger Church.


Please keep Abbot Gregory and our monastic community in your prayers.

albwgregoryrgbAbove: Fr. Albert Bruecken (left) and Abbot Gregory (right) shortly after they professed vows.
Below: When I (Fr. Paul) presented Abbot Gregory with the crozier I made for him at Christmas, 2007.