Encountering Christ Men’s Retreat

February 23, 2024 – February 25, 2024 all-day

Retreat led by Fr. Paul Sheller, OSB
Our Benedictine Retreats draw from more than 1500 years of wisdom in the Benedictine tradition and are rooted in the principles outlined by St. Benedict in his Holy Rule. Just as a monk orders his day around the Work of God, our Encountering Christ Benedictine retreats have a specific format and structure. On these retreats, you can expect:

  • A consistent and stable retreat schedule and experience
  • Four conferences given by a monk, intended to lead the retreatant to encounter Christ
  • Participation in the Divine Office and Mass with the monastic community
  • Specific times for personal prayer and lectio divina
  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Silence and a technology “fast”
  • A rural and beautiful environment and the opportunity to walk the grounds


Pricing: $250 a person.

Retreat costs includes all the meals, a private room with its own bathroom and shower, linen and towels, retreat director fee, handouts and any private spiritual direction time. Prices are set to cover these costs. Anyone unable to pay the suggested amounts may leave whatever offering they can afford.

Abbey Guest Center Contact Information:
guests@conception.edu | Phone: (660) 944-2809