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Brothers Living in Unity campaign announces Signature Phase

Conception increases initial scope of residence hall construction


Construction of Good Shepherd Hall is underway on the southeast corner of Conception’s campus.

CONCEPTION, Mo. (Nov. 12, 2021) – Conception has officially launched a signature phase to “sign off” on the Brothers Living in Unity campaign.

In just over two years, Conception Abbey and Seminary College met their original $14.5 million goal for the Brothers Living in Unity campaign, which has one overarching purpose – to help the entire community live in greater unity with one another and in faith. This endeavor was launched to (1) construct a new seminary residence hall, strengthening Conception’s formation program, and (2) build up the Monastic Retirement Endowment, to care for the needs of the retired monks who have devoted their lives in service to the Lord.

“In the last two years, we have been the humble recipients of more than $14.5 million toward our Brothers Living in Unity endeavor to build a new seminary residence hall and increase the monastic retirement endowment,” said Rt. Rev. Benedict Neenan, Abbot of Conception Abbey. “With the help of gracious donors, we met our primary campaign goal more quickly than we ever have before.”

Construction of the new seminary residence hall, named Good Shepherd Hall, began in the spring of 2021. As visions have become reality, Conception has chosen to invest in some structural necessities at this stage in the process.

Our goal for the Signature Phase is to raise an additional $2.5 million to cover additions and changes to Good Shepherd Hall, including a generator, retaining wall, and private bathrooms. Furthermore, the project has encountered increases in material costs due to the current viral pandemic. Scarcity of materials has elevated totals beyond the original estimates three years ago.

Most recent rendering of Good Shepherd Hall

“These new additions will allow us to better fulfill our mission of priestly formation. Completing this project properly enables us to house all seminarians under one roof, further strengthening our formation program,” said Very Rev. Victor Schinstock, President-Rector of Conception Seminary College.

Conception leadership points out that they received such an encouraging response to their campaign outreach that they felt emboldened to increase the initial scope of this project.

Much thought and care have been given to the layout and design of Good Shepherd Hall. Spaces were etched into the layout to allow the seminarians to gather in common spaces, in the chapel, on each floor, and even while doing their laundry.

“This building is no ordinary dorm, but a true house of formation where roommates and classmates become friends and eventually brothers, growing together as men of communion preparing to be shepherds of the Catholic Church,” Schinstock said. “The care given to the construction of this new building is a sign of our commitment to the Church and her future priests.”

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