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Thursday, Jan. 28th 2016

New Monastery Stained Glass in Progress

I learned the art of stained glass while studying at St. Vincent Seminary in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. I always enjoyed getting involved in different types of arts or crafts, but was never really good at them. I made several small windows during my time in theology school and always thought about the possibility of continuing to make stained glass. The opportunity presented itself when we renovated the monastery and the art and design committee wanted to put stained glass windows in the monastery Mass chapel and in the chapter room. I expressed interest and desire in working on the project.

Br. Michael and I worked on the design for the windows (mainly Br. Michael). He drew up the pattern in PhotoShop and we printed the 20 inch by 21 inch window design. We also were able to contact Pastor Dave Wynn from Tarkio, Missouri who is what I would call an “experience stained glass master.” He was truly a godsend. He helped us acquire all of the tools and materials to begin the project.

I set up shop in the top floor of the carpenter shop and have been working on the windows, little by little, for a few months now. The first step, after acquiring the glass and tools, has been to cut out the glass. It will be for three windows, but each window has two panels, so a total of six panels.

Below: The pattern I am working on.

Below: I take a break from the pattern to use some of the “scrap” glass to make a kite pattern and solder the lead came. I just wanted to practice my skills a little more.
  Above: Simple soldering, but it turned out well.
Below: Me and my workspace.

Below:  All the glass is cut for the top window, so I’m ready to start assembling!

  Above and Below: I begin assembling by using the lead came and keeping the pattern in place with the nails. It’s progress!

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